How ClearFit Went Viral With Radio



ClearFit is one of the leading online hiring tool for employers. While it had a history for providing hiring for small and medium-sized businesses, it lacked the brand name recognition and financial wherewithal of its competitor.


RadioActive Media knew of ClearFit’s unique capabilities, and understood that overtaking its competitor would not be easy. Rather than compete on brand name, RadioActive Media sought to emphasize ClearFit’s hiring strengths over its competitor. This would be accomplished by accentuating ClearFit as a sophisticated tool, which assist in getting the right person for the job rather than simply obtaining a stack of resumes.

Rather than offer an discount offer which only was used as a method to upsell, Our strategy emphasized the value of time which ads were targeted towards. Give ClearFit 5 minutes, & they guarantee you’ll see how easy hiring can be. Just go to


ClearFit noted a significant lift in their overall traffic and more specifically, a 50%+ increase in conversions over other media advertising in its marketing mix. They attributed Howard Stern as a essential component of their success.
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