The Secret To Squatty Potty’s Success

squatty potty


Squatty Potty is a doctor recommended medical toilet stool, which helps people achieve proper toilet posture, resulting in a healthier elimination. While Squatty Potty is a unique product, the subject is considered to be tabu, (bathroom practices) despite being a favorite of Howard Stern, RadioActive Media sought to make the product more acceptable to the general public by extending its original organic buzz provided by Howard and other well know celebrities.


RadioActive Media saw a huge potential for Squatty Potty, to utilize the power of radio. Initially RadioActive sought only to utilize the enthusiasm of Howard Stern where it could craft the message and drive sales with verifiable results. This would be accomplished by strategically targeting radio programs with produced customer and doctor testimonials and endorsed radio personality reads which would reach the appropriate listenership. In addition to Howard Stern, RadioActive Media enlisted other mainstream radio personalities to legitimatize the subject and the need to use Squatty Potty including: Dr. Laura Schlesinger, Larry King, Jenny McCarthy, Jay Thomas, Ross Matthews, and Adam Carolla.


As a result of utilizing radio, Squatty Potty was able to secure an appearance on the tv show “Shark Tank” and secure additional financing from its “Shark”, Lori Grenier. Squatty Potty publicly credited, on Shark Tank, their successful radio campaign on the Howard Stern show, noting a 5 to 1 sales to investment ratio. Additionally, RadioActive Media was able to secure Larry King as a spokesperson for Squatty Potty bringing them into the mainstream by leveraging his creditability with other health related products (Bayer Aspirin, Ginsana, and Welch’s Grape Juice). Squatty Potty noted ist sales for 2016 totaled over $30 million.

squatty on sharktank