How TigerLady Used Shopify On Sirius XM to Boost Sales

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TigerLady offers a self defense claw which allows for women to defend themselves in the case of being attacked.
This small family-owned and self funded business had a limited budget and sought to leverage the power of radio


Initially TigerLady desired to advertise on one of the most well-known radio personalities nationwide radio programs but did not have the budget. RadioActive Media proscribed an alternative radio host who matched TigerLady’s
desired listening audience and budget- Stephanie Miller. Starting out on Stephanie Miller’s show allowed for TigerLady to reach a nationwide audience at an affordable budget and allowed them to scale their business at a reasonable rate.


Due to RadioActive’s campaigns, TigerLady has garnered credibility as a product which empowers women. They
surpassed their goal had to put their campaign on hold to refill inventory.
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