Beezid Auctions


International penny auction website.


Being a new start-up, the challenge was to overtake penny auction competitors while distinguishing the Beezid brand from others who held a negative first impression, and needed a high Return On Investment (ROI) in a short period of time.


Advertising on The Howard Stern Show emphasized Beezid’s fun and exciting approach to shopping and bidding online, while targeting their demographic (adults 25-54).

Beezid Girls with $10,000 winner


Beezid quickly became synonymous on The Howard Stern Show and established themselves as the brand leader. They quickly leaped ahead of their competitors not only on radio but also online. Any search engine or social media marketing search yielded Beezid at the top. Howard Stern had increased the efforts of Beezid’s online marketing and consistently outpaced its national television advertising, providing integrity to the Beezid brand for over 4 years.

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