Log Me In


LogMeIn is one of the leading online remote access providers. While it has had a long history for providing remote access, it lacked the brand name recognition of its competitors. Its competitors had strong brand name recognition and had taken steps to lock its competitors out of many radio markets.


The Howard Stern Show proved to be an effective means to communicate LogMeIn’s capabilities over its competitors. Howard’s spots sought to emphasize LogMeIn’s strengths over its competitors.


As a result, LogMeIn was able to implement a “cutting-edge” Direct Response campaign featuring innovative LogMeIn products, such as their iPhone application using a text messaging campaign. They were also able to use well known radio personalities to contribute to their increased market share. In fact, Siriusbuzz.com noted how their radio campaign was groundbreaking, as being the first paid iPhone App to advertise on radio. While on radio, LogMeIn’s Ignition product ranked in the top 10 of paid iPhone Apps according to the iTunes Store.

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