Squatty Potty Healthy Colon Healthy Life

A footstool that promotes healthy toilet posture.


While Squatty Potty is a doctor-recommended product, the subject of toilet posture is largely taboo in Western culture. Already a favorite sponsor of Howard Stern, Howard Stern Radio Network sought to make the Squatty Potty brand acceptable to the general public.


Seeing huge potential for Squatty Potty, Howard Stern Radio Network initially utilized the enthusiasm and influence of a Howard Stern sponsorship, crafting an appropriate message with reputable endorsements, and customer and doctor testimonials. Garnering impressive results, Howard Stern Radio Network was able to enlist other mainstream radio personalities to legitimize the subject and the product, such as Dr. Laura Schlesinger, Larry King, Jenny McCarthy, Jay Thomas, Ross Matthews, and Adam Carolla.

squatty on sharktank


The successful radio strategy led to Squatty Potty securing an appearance on the TV show Shark Tank, earning additional financing from millionaire investor and entrepreneur, Lori Greiner. Squatty Potty publicly credited their successful radio campaign on The Howard Stern Show, noting a 5 to 1 sales to investment ratio. Additionally, Howard Stern Radio Network was able to secure Larry King as a spokesperson for Squatty Potty, bringing them into the mainstream by leveraging his credibility with other health related products (Bayer Aspirin, Ginsana, and Welch’s Grape Juice). Squatty Potty continues to grow, with sales for 2016 totaling over $30 million.

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