Howard Stern sponsors are some of the most successful in broadcast marketing, thanks in part to creative advertisements and strategic placement from the experienced team at The Howard Stern Radio Network.

The Howard Stern Radio Network is associated with RadioActive Media (RAm), a full-service radio advertising agency that specializes in branding and strategy. WIth award-winning ads and effective placement, RAm has an impressive track record of success. Below is a list of notable RAm clients that achieved notoriety on The Howard Stern Show and other influential broadcasters on SiriusXM.

How TigerLady Used Shopify On Sirius XM to Boost Sales

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A self-defense claw designed for women.


A family owned and operated start-up, they were completely self-funded with a limited marketing budget. They reached out to Howard Stern Radio Network and sought to leverage the power of radio personalities.


Initially wanting to sponsor The Howard Stern Show, Howard Stern Radio Network suggested a radio host who better matched their budget and desired female demographic – The Stephanie Miller Show. Starting out on Stephanie Miller’s show allowed TigerLady to affordably reach a national audience and scale their business at a reasonable rate.


The sponsorship campaign created by Howard Stern Radio Network were massively successful, launching TigerLady as a national, credible product for women. They surpassed their target goal and had to suspend their campaign to refill inventory.

Tiger Lady Device

The Secret To Squatty Potty’s Success

squatty potty


A footstool that promotes healthy toilet posture.


While Squatty Potty is a doctor-recommended product, the subject of toilet posture is largely taboo in Western culture. Already a favorite sponsor of Howard Stern, Howard Stern Radio Network sought to make the Squatty Potty brand acceptable to the general public.


Seeing huge potential for Squatty Potty, Howard Stern Radio Network initially utilized the enthusiasm and influence of a Howard Stern sponsorship, crafting an appropriate message with reputable endorsements, and customer and doctor testimonials. Garnering impressive results, Howard Stern Radio Network was able to enlist other mainstream radio personalities to legitimize the subject and the product, such as Dr. Laura Schlesinger, Larry King, Jenny McCarthy, Jay Thomas, Ross Matthews, and Adam Carolla.


The successful radio strategy led to Squatty Potty securing an appearance on the TV show Shark Tank, earning additional financing from millionaire investor and entrepreneur, Lori Greiner. Squatty Potty publicly credited their successful radio campaign on The Howard Stern Show, noting a 5 to 1 sales to investment ratio. Additionally, Howard Stern Radio Network was able to secure Larry King as a spokesperson for Squatty Potty, bringing them into the mainstream by leveraging his credibility with other health related products (Bayer Aspirin, Ginsana, and Welch’s Grape Juice). Squatty Potty continues to grow, with sales for 2016 totaling over $30 million.

squatty on sharktank

How ClearFit Went Viral With Radio



Online hiring tool for employers.


ClearFit had an adequate client base, but lacked the brand name recognition and financial wherewithal of its competitor, making it difficult to compete for bigger business.


Rather than compete on brand name, Howard Stern Radio Network evaluated ClearFit’s strengths over their dominant competitor, basing their campaign on getting the right person for the job rather than simply obtaining a stack of resumes. Discounting cost is only a method to upsell, not establish a brand. So Howard Stern Radio Network’s strategy was to emphasize the value of time which ads were targeted towards: “Give ClearFit 5 minutes, and they guarantee you’ll see how easy hiring can be. Just go to clearfit.com.” They had a considerate budget and decided a sponsorship on The Howard Stern Show was the best way to connect with their demographic.


Advertising on The Howard Stern Show, ClearFit saw a significant lift in their overall traffic and more specifically, a 50%+ increase in conversions over other media advertising in its marketing mix. They attributed their Howard Stern sponsorship as an essential component of their success.

clear fit team



International penny auction website.


Being a new start-up, the challenge was to overtake penny auction competitors while distinguishing the Beezid brand from others who held a negative first impression, and needed a high Return On Investment (ROI) in a short period of time.


Advertising on The Howard Stern Show emphasized Beezid’s fun and exciting approach to shopping and bidding online, while targeting their demographic (adults 25-54).

Beezid Girls with $10,000 winner


Beezid quickly became synonymous on The Howard Stern Show and established themselves as the brand leader. They quickly leaped ahead of their competitors not only on radio but also online. Any search engine or social media marketing search yielded Beezid at the top. Howard Stern had increased the efforts of Beezid’s online marketing and consistently outpaced its national television advertising, providing integrity to the Beezid brand for over 4 years.




LogMeIn is one of the leading online remote access providers. While it has had a long history for providing remote access, it lacked the brand name recognition of its competitors. Its competitors had strong brand name recognition and had taken steps to lock its competitors out of many radio markets.


The Howard Stern Show proved to be an effective means to communicate LogMeIn’s capabilities over its competitors. Howard’s spots sought to emphasize LogMeIn’s strengths over its competitors.


As a result, LogMeIn was able to implement a “cutting-edge” Direct Response campaign featuring innovative LogMeIn products, such as their iPhone application using a text messaging campaign. They were also able to use well known radio personalities to contribute to their increased market share. In fact, Siriusbuzz.com noted how their radio campaign was groundbreaking, as being the first paid iPhone App to advertise on radio. While on radio, LogMeIn’s Ignition product ranked in the top 10 of paid iPhone Apps according to the iTunes Store.

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Travel agency specializing in resort destinations.



In a marketplace inundated with travel websites, TravelWorm were virtually unknown. Their competitors were already established and dominating the landscape.


TravelWorm leveraged the power of Howard Stern to communicate their niche travel service, which concentrated on casino/resort destination travel to Las Vegas, Reno, and Atlantic City.


TravelWorm became the official travel sponsor for The Howard Stern Show for over 2 years, advancing their sponsorship opportunities and integrating them into show events, including the Ms. Howard Stern Beauty Pageant, and live shows in Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. The Howard Stern Radio Network created innovative ways to garner TravelWorm camera exposure on Howard’s E! Television show. The campaigns gave them notoriety in the industry and drove traffic to their website, producing a very lucrative ROI. Their visibility was not unnoticed by their competitors, who sought them out as an acquisition target and purchased them a year later.